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About the Gourmands

Claudia Royston – owner

My life has been about traveling and the wonderful experiences I’ve had along the way.  Born in the US to British parents, I spent summer months at our home in England and traveled around Europe with my family.  I have been doing this on and off since I was six months old.

Throughout my travels, culinary experiences have always been the gateway to understanding where I am – the culture, the traditions and the current trends.  This was especially true while living in Munich for three years and traveling all over Eastern Europe.

On my way back to the US, I “stopped over” to work in London for seven years.  During this time I managed a hotel and later became the marketing manager for a map publisher.  Back in the US, I worked on United Airlines’ MileagePlus program at an agency and later at Abercrombie & Kent, also in marketing.  At A&K, I learned about luxury travel and what kinds of experiences make a trip into an inspiring journey.

Global Gourmands has given me the chance to share my passion for travel, food and culture and hopefully inspire fellow travelers who have seen much of the world but now want to take a closer look.  Email or call to find out how Global Gourmands can enrich your next vacation.

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Pam Wehbi – tour designer

I admit it: I am a travel junkie with no interest in any type of a 12-step program to tame my addiction. I live and breathe international travel. It all started with a solo trip to England after my freshman year in college; 44 visits to Europe later, my wanderlust has not subsided.

I had a pretty good thing going as a radio newscaster and then as producer of a morning radio show, but I kept quitting my jobs to go to Europe. I decided I should get paid for it, so in 1978 I walked through the door of a Thomas Cook agency in Chicago and said, “If you hire me, you won’t regret it.” They followed my order, and my career in travel took off. I was an international reservationist for TWA, the personal travel agent for the Chicago Sting soccer team, reservations manager for a casino cruise company and an international/VIP travel consultant. At Abercrombie & Kent, I arranged customized luxury tours to Africa and Latin America before going back to my journalistic roots as a copywriter. I still freelance as a travel writer.

Throughout my many journeys, I’ve gathered recipes, spices and strange cooking utensils (such as a weird little lemon squeezer I convinced an Indian restaurant owner in Manchester, England, to sell to me). Food is a passion, and it is a major component in my travels. So, what could be better than designing international food tours? Nothing!


Pam Wehbi_Co. Cork, Ireland

Pam Hester – Air Specialist

Pam is a master air travel planner, specializing in VIP, entertainment and corporate travel, and has been in the industry for 30 years.  Pam takes care of travel plans from door-to-door and has planned air travel for individuals and groups up to 500!

Pam has an exceptional reputation with airlines that enable her to resolve many difficult travel issues.  She is respected by clients and industry professionals alike and has maintained a reputation of excellence and professionalism over her three-decade career.

Pam is dedicated to impeccable service, attention to detail and efficiency from start to finish, treating all her clients as if they were her only clients. Pam’s office is located in the town of Woodland Hills, CA and can be reached at 818-730-2016 or



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