What is culinary travel?

Exploring the food and wine culture of a country is the best way to go beyond museums and monuments and truly experience it.  Food and wine connect us to places and have the ability to peel away differences and language barriers.  It is the most honest and simplest expression of who we are.

Because of this, it’s the path to immersing yourself in a region and truly getting to know its people, its culture and its history. It’s also the door to new and authentic experiences.

We are more interested – to a certain extent, preocupied – with food than ever: where it comes from, how it’s produced and how it’s prepared.  We also appreciate ethical and sustainable values when we think about food.

And there are many wonderful experiences to be had on a culinary vacation!  You could have a wine and cheese tasting at a chateau in France, enjoy a picnic by a river bank with bread cooked under an iron bell or go fishing in the Atlantic and participate in the preparation of the catch. This is just the short list of what we provide in our travel programs.

But it isn’t just about gastronomic experiences – it’s also about being in a destination like a local traveler instead of a tourist.  It’s the most authentic form of experiential travel and it showcases a very important aspect of a region’s culture and people.

Global Gourmands takes culinary travel to an entirely new level – offering small group tours with five-star accommodation and luxury transportation.  Contact us at 312-724-6985 or click here for more information about our Journeys in Good Taste™ and how we can enrich your next vacation.

“Not thinking about food when you’re thinking about travel, is…pretty near impossible.”

Nancy Novgorod, Travel + Leisure



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