Group Travel: Myths and Benefits

The arrival of the internet and search engines 20 years ago made independent travel easier and more affordable.  That continues today in some ways: with a computer and spare time, it’s not difficult to organize an entire trip to almost anywhere in the world.  Once you arrive, things can get a little more complicated, but it’s nice to be in another country and rest and explore at your own pace.

However, if you have ever felt that it was a lot of work to find that special cafe on Margaret Island in Budapest or you arrived at the Escoffier Museum just before closing time or weren’t sure where to eat in Dubrovnik, small group travel might be for you.  However, the words “group travel” may have you picturing something rushed and impersonal.  Maybe something along these lines:

– 25 or more people with different interests and experiences from you

– A large bus, sometimes not very comfortable

– Non-stop pace with no time away from the group

– Visits to crowded, touristy places

– Mediocre food, pre-set menus, and little time to eat or socialize

– Average hotels that are the same as ones you stay at back home

Global Gourmands specializes in luxury, small-group travel and we made it our mission from the very beginning to have tours that were the antitheses to stereotypical group travel.

Our group size is limited to 16, but most are planned for 12.  This allows better access to guides and ease of movement.  You also won’t need your own headset to hear what is being said, and it’s a more intimate group for getting to know people.

You can find unusual places, tucked away off the beaten path by yourself, but the ease of getting to more of those places without having to worry about cost, timing or navigation is another benefit to group travel.  Our vehicles are Mercedes Sprinter or similar so you will always travel in comfort.  They have seats that recline, individual lights and air vents and more.

We don’t want you to need a vacation when you get home so our itineraries all include leisure time to rest or explore on your own. Sometimes it’s the opportunity to find a restaurant and have dinner, other times it’s a break to explore a special neighborhood of a city.

Global Gourmands takes culinary travel to an entirely new level – offering tours with five-star accommodation and luxury transportation for small groups.  We include cultural sightseeing and time in nature so there is a good blend of activities.  Contact us at 312-724-6985 or click here for more information about our Journeys in Good Taste™ and how we can enrich your next vacation.

“The pleasures of the table are common to all ages and ranks, to all ages and times…”

Brillat Savarin

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