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Global Destinations

Global Gourmands has chosen what we believe are the best destinations for authentic culinary and oenological experiences and inspiring culture.  Each destination also offers natural charms and plenty to do with your free time.  Some are just now becoming leading destinations and they all surprise and delight with their culinary heritage, their people, and their landscapes.

Our journeys are inherently flexible in nature, and for independent travelers they are adapted to self-drive itineraries.  We can also custom-design tours or adapt an existing tour based on a destination, food or culinary tradition of your choice.

The South Island, New Zealand

Stretching across the two main islands and home to only 4.5 million people, New Zealand is a long way to travel, but it may be one of the most memorable journeys in your life.  Called “Land of the Long White Cloud” by its indigenous Maori people, this clean, green paradise is renowned internationally for its stunning scenery, fresh produce, award-winning wines and friendly, welcoming people.

Fresh, innovative and delicious, New Zealand’s incredible cuisine and world-class wines are not to be missed – whether it’s fine dining, casual outdoor meals, a wine tasting at a cellar door or an authentic Maori hangi meal.  For many, New Zealand’s wines are the main reason to visit, particularly the famed Marlborough region (included on our itinerary), which produces some of the world’s finest Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs.  Come visit this breathtaking destination on the bucket list of foodies and oenophiles alike.

Tour: New Zealand: Cuisine, Wine and Culture


Over 100 years ago Auguste Escoffier pronounced Peru to be the third-best cuisine in the world, behind France (of course) and China.  Today Peru is still leading the world in gastronomic creativity.  It inherited its innovation, mix and flavors from it’s history and its landscape, which spans the ocean, the mountains, the jungle and the Amazon River.  The fusion of culinary treasures from those regionss (not least of which is the potato which originated in the Peruvian Andes) has developed over a long process of cultural exchange between the Spanish, Incan, African, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc., making Peru the birthplace of fusion food.  And in this culture of diversity and rich resources the accolades abound.  Three of its restaurants rank among the world’s 50 best, one of them (Central) was 4th. In 2014, it also received the World Travel Award as the World’s Leading Culinary Destination.  Peruvian food culture continues to evolve in the rediscovery of ancient and unique regional ingredients prepared in new ways.  Come discover Peru with us.

Tour:  Dining & Discovery in Peru

Mexico: The Capital & San Miguel

Named the New York Times #1 destination of the year, Mexico City is on the upswing.  Whether it’s cuisine, art, architecture or history, there is much to see and do in this amazing capital city.  Our tour includes three days exploring before making the trip 170 miles northeast to San Miguel de Allende, which has an important food destination for quite a while.  A cobblestoned colonial town that is both quaint and cosmopolitan at the same time, it’s also the perfect place to bring out your inner chef.

In San Miguel de Allende we will explore a food market with a chef,  includes luxury accommodation,  cooking classes and a range of dining experiences from authentic local cuisine to high-end fine dining restaurants. We will learn about the history of chocolate in Mexico from it’s origins as a bartering currency through to today’s fine chocolatiers. There’s also a visit to a local hacienda which operates as a tequila distillery as well.

Tour: Mexico – Flavors Old and New

British Columbia, Canada

While British Columbia is known for its impressive scenery and lively culture and arts scene, the province is also a natural choice for culinary tourism thanks to the abundance of local ingredients from farms, orchards, markets, vineyards and the surrounding Pacific Ocean.  From Vancouver to Whistler and over to Vancouver Island, the range of culinary experiences and activities is impressive.

The heritage of food in the provence comes from British, Scots & Welsh immigrants, followed more recently by Indian and Chinese populations.  Comparisons to Napa and Provence miss the point: British Columbia is more rustic and homespun than either and with more outdoor activities. It has lots of simpler delights: communal farm suppers, roadside honey stands, craft cider and microbrews.

Tour: Eat, Stay, Love – British Columbia

Quebec, Canada

Drawing its roots from French cuisine, Québec’s cuisine was largely shaped by the difficult early years after it was settled.  Enduring harsh winters and having many mouths to feed but little to eat people required dishes with real substance to build their new nation!

Our seven day itinerary to the Provence of Québec is a short plane ride from many US cities, and yet a world away.  It is after all, “New France,” but right on our doorstep.  We will experience city life and fine dining as well as authentic country farm stops and cooking demonstrations – with time to spare to unwind, relax and explore on your own.

Tour: Québec: French Gastronomy in North America


As little as sixty years ago, your average European or American traveler did not appreciate Italian cooking as we do today.  It is hard to imagine now not loving the regional specialties and delicacies of Italy that change as you progress from the north to the south.

While many hurry through Tuscany on their way to Florence, few stop to sample the delights of the Tuscan countryside, and specifically the Chianti region.  The Chianti valley, and its main city of Siena, has always been considered the heart of old Tuscany and it is well-reknowned for its famous wines and rustic food.

Our tour is an intimate and delightful snapshot of Italian culture, people and cuisine.

Tour: Food and Wine in the Chianti Valley


In Europe it is hard to find a country in which, in such a small area, so much diversity exists as in Croatia. Within its geographically curved shape are distinctions and peculiarities that distinguish the north-western region, belonging to Central Europe, from the southern, more Mediterranean area.

The historical turbulence, geographic and climatic features, diversity of culture, the varied characteristics of rural and urban localities, all contribute to the wealth of Croatia’s culinary diversity. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and richest in Europe, primarily because it unites the richness of Central European, Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine, but also because it is based on an extremely healthy food. Refined European gastronomy connoisseurs will recognize the influence on Croatian cuisine from former rulers of its regions, fromVienna to Istanbul and Venice, but also a precious legacy of people’s cuisine, developed in conjunction with the modest possibilities of individual regions.

Tour: Culinary Pearls of the Adriatic

Nevis, West Indies

The written history of Nevis begins with it’s Columbus sailing by in 1493.  The cloud that sits on Mount Nevis led to its original baptism of “Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves” in reference to the story of a 4th-century Catholic miracle: a snowfall on the Esquiline Hill in Rome. So the romantic story of Nevis begins. Today, the island is one of the most unspoiled and relaxing islands in the Caribbean. No fast food and no traffic lights.  Everything about Nevis is authentic, peaceful, historic and intimate, but with a contemporary attitude to hospitality and service.  It’s a very special place famed for its charm and the easy-going genuineness of its people.

Their cuisine combines British heritage with Nevisian flavor, influenced by African, European and Indian cooking.  Global Gourmands Nevisian itineraries will have you preparing authentic Caribbean delicacies at one of the islands sophisticated bistros, discovering reggae beach clubs, catamaraning in the beautiful Caribbean, participating in a traditional plantation supper, indulging in luxurious spa treatments and visiting local historic sites.

Tour: Exploring Island Cuisine in Nevis


Long before Julia Child wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking, France was world-renowned for its cuisine. The culture of food and wine in France is unique and undeniable.  Every region in France has open markets of regional produce, fresh seafood, unique cheeses and wines and the French are justly proud of their fare.

With our French itineraries culture and food come together and blend the best of both worlds. In France you will taste some of the world’s best wines and cheeses while relaxing at country vineyard or hilltop village. Our culinary tours will not only include hands-on cooking courses, excursions to local towns and cultural sites but also offer opportunities to interact with those who are instrumental in producing the food they eat.  Other activities include learning about the origins of the baguette, sampling cheeses with an artisan producer, wine tasting on a barge or perhaps even making your own eclairs.

Tour: Wine and Gastronomy in Bordeaux & the Loire Valley


Traditional Irish food is rustic and filling – the makings of which  would get you through a cold winter, but it has come a long way since the potato was first introduced there in 1500.  While the classics of colcannon, Irish stew, beef & Guinness pie are better than ever, Global Gourmands’ culinary journey in Ireland digs a little deeper into today’s creative Irish cuisine.

It’s fueled by artisan producers, innovative chefs and world-class ingredients. From sea to shore the range is impressive: mussels and hand-dived scallops, estate venison, grass-fed free-range beef, sea vegetables, the prized Comber potato and handmade chocolate.  Come along with us and explore  the cities and countryside where the very best of contemporary and traditional Irish cuisine come alive.

Tour: Culinary Treasures of the Emerald Isle